French Markets In Provence

Every morning we get up and go to the bakery for fresh bread and once a week we go to the local market for some fresh cheese,olives,fish and meat.



Sénanque Abbey

We stayed very close to this famous monastery so we took the car over one morning. 

Charles looks very comfortable haha. You can’t tell on the pictures but once we left the place was so crowded it was almost impossible to get out. Huge buses with people from Japan and east Europe arrived and blocked everyone else from leaving,we were happy that we went so early during the day. 

I took most of the pictures with my Nikon and on the way back to the car I found this little fellow. Such a pretty color. 

Carcassone And St Didier

It’s a bit funny that I always stop blogging once I travel when that’s the time I have something fun to blog about. 

We stopped in Carcassone on the way to the house in St Didier and it looks exactly like on this picture (I didn’t take any pictures myself). It was breathtaking! And warm,very very warm. We arrived at 6pm and it was still 34 degrees,puh.  

The best part of the house was the huge salt water swimming pool,we ate,swam and slept most days. 

Two wonderful weeks of sun,French markets and family time!

Bordeaux And Saint Julien

Ok,let’s continue the vacation story. As mentioned a few posts back we spent our first day in St Emilion. Later that day we went on to Bordeaux for some dinner and sightseeing. 

  I unfortunately have to let down all the people from Bordeaux by saying I didn’t like the city very much. Neither did Peter and so we left after just 2 hours. There was a reggae festival in town and while we ate we witnessed two streetfights,there were guards and police everywhere and so crowded with the “wrong” kind of people that we felt rather unsafe. 
The next day we went to the Medoc area to visit the chateau of my favorite wine,Chateau du Glana in Saint Julien. We bought a whole box of wine,the price is at least 30% cheaper if you by it directly from the producer compared to the store.    

Midsummer In Belgium

Midsummer abroad is just not the same as midsummer in Sweden but we made the best out of it here! Normally I always go home for this celebration seeing as it’s the most important thing of the year,I’ve just missed 2 years (3 with this),when I had an exam in Germany the week after midsummer and last year when Charles was born. This year our holiday in France happened to start the day after midsummer so we decided to stay in Belgium. 

7 adults and 4 kids got together in Destelbergen for a BBQ and games and there was even a little maypole! 


Geese On A Bus

I didn’t know whether or not I liked the dress. I took a picture to show the boyfriend. The boyfriend approved. I then can’t find back the dress in any of the 4 H&M stores in Gent….so annoying!


Took a stroll in the park with Charles and what do I see? Some geese taking the bus,nothing weird at all. 

 Doing groceries with the little fellow.

Having an evening beer at the mikrobrewery Gruut in Gent.

I told our jeweler that I wanted an aquamarine ring for my other hand (the one without an engagement ring) and he put this one on and said “imagine it with a light blue stone”. He is a good sales person. 

Random Weekend Activities 


The roses in the citadelpark in Gent are stunning!

Met up with this pretty soon-to-be-bride and her friend Velina in Brussels. We’re going on a bachelorette party in Nice in 2 weeks!   

My sweet nephew Cornelis ❤  We went to Peter’s grandparents caravan at the coast for a BBQ with the family two weeks ago.